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To Blog or Not to Blog; That's No Longer the Question

Jan 1, 2011   //   by admin   //   GeekSpeak  //  No Comments

geek-speak-newsletterI wish you a prosperous New Year. Many of our clients asked for help setting up BLOGS last year. BLOGS are a buzz word you should know.

First off, what is a BLOG?

The term is a blend of web and log. You see, geeks (& mathematicians) think it is cool to simplify things (often at the risk of making them more complicated). A BLOG is basically a journal on a web site. For many it is the “News” section. Much of a web site remains fairly static, but a BLOG is edited whenever news breaks.

A BLOG can also be interactive, where it can be open to comments. A word to the wise, be sure to moderate your comments. With my business, we send all comments to review by a human before they go live. ~:-)

4 reasons why you should have a BLOG on your company’s web site.

  1. BLOGS are fresh, people know to look to the BLOG for the latest info about your company.
  2. BLOGS are loved by search engines. What makes a search engine happiest? Fresh relevant content. A properly created BLOG is written as much for search engine rankings as it is for people.
  3. BLOGS are archive-able: As soon as new articles are posted the old ones are archived. This allows visitors to get some history on past projects from your company.
  4. BLOGS are social. BLOGs play nice with social media, and smart ones can automagically update your facebook, linkedin and twitter.

Warning: I hear some of you running off to to setup a BLOG right now. STOP!! I said above that the BLOG should be on YOUR Website. If you post it @ Blogger (or any other blogging site) THEY will reap much of the benefit for your hard work. Be sure your BLOG lives at your company’s website, not theirs.

What should you ‘post in your BLOG and how often?
This article is not a substitute to sitting down for some serious consulting with your favorite marketing geek, but I will share some general thoughts on content. We always work to deliver value. Most of our clients have a wealth of knowledge that they can share with their customers. By sharing your company as a resource, you become viewed as an expert in your area of business. Consider this an investment in your customers, current and future.

For omOriginals we post 2 articles a month with marketing tips [like this one ~:-)]. We also post brief articles on recently completed projects. This is valuable for our customers (promotion) and for visitors to see interesting marketing ideas, are to show real world examples of our work. We also share articles from others on occasion to change things up a bit.

How often? This will vary for each business. I often recommend 1 or 2 posts per month for companies new to BLOGGING. I’ve seen a fair amount of people start out strong with 1 or 2 a week for a few weeks and them drop off the map. It is best to make your plan sustainable. This is a balance of quality and quantity.

Here is a bonus: After you create these articles you can broadcast them in lots of places (Social sites, eMail marketing, newspapers, newsletters, mailers, etc.)

Do you have to do this alone?

Not unless you are a crazy micro-manager. Your company is likely a collection of uniquely talented individuals. Each of you has your own unique voice. By sharing the work of the BLOG with others in your organization you will have a richer experience for your users.

Side note: I enjoy reading Summer’s tips on our BLOG, they offer fresh marketing insight.

Outside help
There is a wealth of industry specific content available for purchase. This can save a lot of time, but be very certain that you agree with the articles. You can also hire a company to help administer your BLOG. < This could be an article in itself.

What is the point, Oscar?
A BLOG is a great way offer value to your clients while remaining at the top of their mindshare. Today’s competition is tough and cutting edge! You need to use today’s tools to position yourself for success.

Work Smart + Play Hard!
Oscar Myre IV, ~:-)
Bright Lovable Original Geek!

Facebook Warning for Businesses

Jul 26, 2010   //   by admin   //   Internet Marketing  //  No Comments

Last week I received 5 friend requests from businesses. Normal friend requests are great. I’m proud to have over 700 Facebook friends! But, when we receive friend requests from a “celebrity, band or business” it means they setup their account incorrectly. They are in danger of having their account revoked because it is a violation of the FB terms of service. It would be a shame for a business to make connections and then have their account and contacts shut down.

This article is not to create fear, just to warn and inform on the proper way to do business on Facebook.
Businesses are supposed to use Facebook “Pages” and not setup the standard personal account. Benefits to having a Page including visitor statistics and the ability to use Facebook advertisements. There is also the benefit of not having their account revoked.  ~:-)

If you have a standard Facebook account for your business I recommend that you create a page ASAP.
You can do so @

If you are Facebook Friends with any businesses I request that you to send them to this article.

God Bless,
Oscar Myre IV

Needs some Facebook help?
Check out our next Facebook class on August 12th. During this hands on B.Y.O.L. (Bring your own laptop) class we help you create a proper Facebook Page for your business.
More info @ or call omOriginals Marketing! 360.575.9839!