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Answers to your Website Questions

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Hello Geeks! This months focus is on a topic very near and dear to my heart…. Websites. I’ve compiled 7 questions about websites and the marketing questions that I’m often asked (or at least I should be).
1) How much does a web site cost?
The quick answer is we offer a free initial consultation to find out the right web site for your goals. An expanded answer is …There are 4 costs involved in a web site.
a) Domain Name: Such as – this costs about $15 per year.
b) Development of the site: As you might guess this depends on a few factors including if we use a per-designed template or custom design site as well as how many pages the site has. Professional sites start @ about $2,300.00
c) Hosting: Quality hosting (with good support) ranges $30-$85/month) Hosting is essential renting space on web servers (computers) that ensure your site is up 99% of the time. This often includes eMails accounts such as OM hosting also includes friendly support and an annual marketing consultation with a geek.
d) Maintenance: A successful web site needs ongoing maintenance and adding of new content. At omOriginals we train all of our clients on how to do their own maintenance, so most of our clients pay $0 for maintenance.
Note: We are more than happy to perform maintenance as needed for any websites for $55/hour.
2) Should I BLOG?
What is blogging? Yes, most businesses will benefit from BLOG. A blog is a place on your site where you post news and updates.  This info is helpful for people (& press) wanting to learn about your company and for the search engines. With a properly configured BLOG search engines assume that you are an expert about what you write about. When we build sites we include SEO training to get great search results.
3) Can you add a web site counter to my site?
Yes, but we recommend not using a traditional counter. They are often inaccurate and they share your stats with the world. Instead we offer web site stats (included with our hosting) that allow you to track the visitors to your site. The stats can tell you how many people visit your site, how many pages they view and so much more. These are available 24-7 for your review, but only you can see them.
4) What is the best domain name?
The best domain names often include:
a) company name
b) name of product or service
c) easy to remember & to spell.
For most businesses a .com is preferred over the other extensions for such as .net, .biz, .us. info, .etc.  For non-for-profit organizations .org is more appropriate. During our initial consultation we can generally find a great name.
5) How should I select a web site developer?
When considering a few companies to work with, I recommend you look at the developers site and at least 4 live sites that they created. If you are impressed with their work, then schedule a meeting. Be sure that they can speak Geek, Marketing & English.
6) Can you create flash animations for my site?
FLASH is a powerful animation and programing tool for web sites, but it doesn’t work well on mobile devices. iPhone & iPads don’t support Flash. We can achieve similar functionality that works on mobiles, but we advise against flash.
7) Can you make my web site and Facebook work together?
Yes, and if done properly they can work and play very nicely together. This relation can work both ways, we like to add Facebook functionality to web sites and to drive traffic from Facebook to your site. I could write a whole article on this, or even teach a workshop. Oh wait…we do.
Bonus question:
8. How can I get found on Google?
Google (and the other search engines) is interested in good content. If you write about what you do and add new content you are well on your way to good rankings. Get a Google places account and it will get you on the map.
WOW…out of space already for my column. I told you I like web sites. ~:-)
Both online and off. Call us for a complimentary consult: 360.575.9839 

Domain Owners Be Educated & Beware!

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This month I wish to warn you about an ongoing domain name scam and to educate you on the different types of domains. If you have a website then you surely own a domain. A domain is the address of your website. An example of a domain name is ValleyBugler.COM. The major domain extensions .com, .org, & .net can be registered for one or more years at a time. For maximum search engine ranking it is now suggested to register your domain for 5 years or more. This “tells” the search engines that your company is committed to developing your website.

Don’t lose your domain.
It is important to keep your domain registered or else you can loose it. There are lots of companies that wait for domains to expire and then register them up for their own gain. I recommend having a reminder on your calendar for the due date of your domain.

That being said, when a bill comes for you to renew your domain read it VERY carefully.
Every year I hear of businesses getting an “official looking invoice” from the Domain Registry of America, Liberty Domain names or Domain Renewal Group. Both of these companies (and others) send eMails and snail mail letters to registrants (the people that own domains) that look like invoices, but they are just solicitations. If you look closely it says that it is not a bill, but many people pay. ~:-) This is the same tactic that is known as slamming in the phone industry.

The result: Your domain is then transferred to their company for about $30 year! Most domains should cost about $15/year. This can be a mess. If you have any question where your domain is registered I suggest that you call your web site developer before paying any domain bills. If they don’t know, you can call my office and we can give that info to you. ~:-)

I’m often asked, “What is the difference between domain extensions?”

.com represents the word “commercial,” and is the most widely used extension in the world. Most businesses prefer a .com domain name because it is a highly recognized symbol for having a business presence on the Internet.

.net represents the word “network,” and was created for use by Internet service providers. In reality I see most businesses attempt to get a .com and they use the .net as a second choice. omOrginals Marketing! could technically be a .net, but we’ve embraced the .com.

.org represents the word “organization,” and is primarily used by non-profits groups or trade associations.

.biz is used for small business Web sites.

.gov is used for government Web sites.

.info is for credible resource Web sites and signifies a “resource” web site. It’s the most popular extension beyond .com, .net and .org.

.mobi (short for “mobile”) is reserved for Web sites built for easy viewing on mobile devices. There was a lot of hype with .mobi, but all sites should go mobile. I don’t see a reason for this extension.

.us is for American Web sites and is the newest extension. It has the largest amount of available names in inventory.

.cc was originally the country code for Coco’s Keeling Islands. It is unrestricted and may be registered by anyone, from any country.

.bz was originally designated as the country code for Belize, but is now commonly used by small business who can’t get the name they want using the .biz extension. It is unrestricted and may be registered by anyone, from any country.

.tv is for rich content/multi-media Web sites, commonly used within the entertainment or media industry.

.ws was originally designated as the country code for Western Samoa, but is now commonly used as an acronym for “Web sites.” It is unrestricted and may be registered by anyone, from any country.

.name is the only domain extension specifically designed for personal use. It is commonly used for easy to remember e-mail addresses and personal web sites that display photos or personal information about an individual.

.pro is a new extension. is open to all professionals and licensed business owners in any country, Business license owners are also eligible.

Be the master of your domain.
Be sure to review your domain registration bills and consider registering for 5 years. If you have any questions about domains and/or need help with registration we’d be glad to help. ~:-)

Promoting Your Web Site

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geek-speak-newsletterWelcome to another edition of Geek Speak. Last month we helped motivate those without a professional web site with “Ten Reasons Why Your Businesses / Organization needs a web site.” For June let’s assume you just launched a new web site and you’d like to know what to do next to promote your web site.

 First off I congratulate you on your new website