How often should you upgrade your website? 

Many people will say that a small business should have a major upgrade every two years.  If that were the golden rule to when to upgrade you’d want to pad that number with about 6 months for an optimal relaunch of a website.  You want to have time for proper Market Research, Competitive Analysis, User Interviews & Testing, Personas , Card Sorting, User Flows, Information Architecture & Navigation, UX / UI design, Site Map restructure, Wireframes for a new design, Interactive Prototypes as needed, & for the Finished Design and Development..  You also want this to coincide with marketing campaigns.

My answer to when to update a website to is simple.… “it depends”.  Instead of focusing on the time frame I encourage you to ask yourself the following questions.

1) How great does it work on mobile? 

With over half the traffic on mobile devices, I don’t want it to just to pass the google mobile-friendly test, it should work great.

2) Is the site secure? 

This isn’t just for eCommerce sites.  Google recently announced that having an SSL Certificate is the easiest thing site owners can do to boost SEO ranking. 

3) Does the site look fresh?

I know this can be subjective, but outdated websites reflect poorly on businesses.  True or False? Taking care of your website shows you take care of your business.  Regardless of your answers your customers likely believe this to be true.

4) Are You able to update your website?

When people have the ability to maintain their own websites the websites get better.  I’m not saying it is waste to have an outside company do maintenance, but by eliminating the middlemen for most updates can potentially save time and money that generally transfers to a better quality of websites.

5) Do you have clear calls to action can people get a hold of you?

When people are ready to do business with you are learn more have it made it easy for them to do so?  Remember that is why you have the website!

6) Is your website fast?

Internet connections continue to get faster and people continue to get less patient.  Check out the speed of your site.

7) Is your website meeting its goals?

Websites should have a variety of metrics that you measure and goals that you hope to achieve.  Talk with your marketing team or a marketing consultant and outline your goals, measure and keep moving forward.

8) Is your site connect to your social media?

Regardless of what channels you prefer, they should be integrated into your website.

9) Is your website (and business) GDPR compliant?

Even if you don’t do any business in Europe, if you collect and store client data you should understand the GDPR.

So, Is your Website Overdue for an Upgrade?  If you answered “No” to any up the questions below, then It is time for you to Upgrade.