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The Robots are Here

I’ve been intrigued by robots for as long as I can remember. What kid didn’t think that R2-D2 was awesome?! I knew he looked like a shop vac, but he was so cool. The lights. The movement. The sounds. He had a personality all his own. I remember making robots out of legos and even…

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Shopping for Your Geek

Christmas is almost here, but what have you got for your favorite geek? They can be tough to shop for because they are geeks. Don’t let this dampen your Christmas spirit. I have a few ideas to help. Ho Ho Ho. Blast from the past: Check out my 2016 gift guide. Gadgets first, right? Not…

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Is Adobe Photoshop Dead?

Adobe created Illustrator in 1985. Photoshop, the industry standard graphics editor, was created in 1988. I preferred Macromedia Freehand, but Illustrator is certainly the more widely used vector graphic editor at this time. Why the history lesson? These Adobe products (and others) are excellent software and have been refined and improved upon through the many…

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Go Play in the Mud!

I recently had a chance to talk with Eli Hutcheson from Tough Mudder. He is a Senior Product Manager. His product is fun, he gets to design obstacles and events. I thoroughly enjoy chatting with him about the new events and obstacles. Oops, I jumped the gun. What is the Tough Mudder you ask? The…

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Just Keep Learning

I recently had an opportunity to take a PhotoShop class in Seattle. My boss knows that I use PhotoShop for a greater part of each workday. He joked, “what could you possibly learn from a class that you could teach?” I told him I was a little concerned about the possibility of wasting a few…

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A sticky situation with Vinyl Graphics

This monthly I got myself into a sticky situation. My friends recently introduced me to the world of Vinyl Cutters. Previous to this I had never heard of the Silhouette or the competing Cricut. They are electronic cutting machines for personal use. They look similar to your standard ink jet or laser printer, but instead…

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