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Geek Speak: Get ready to $ell on your website

Ready to start selling your product online? There is no shortage of options for website shopping carts. eCommerce websites sites can be a great way to sell your products. eCommerce simply means electronic commerce or selling stuff online. I encourage you to take some time on this article and on additional research before you start…

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5 Tips for Better Website Buttons

I’m warning this article might change the way you look at Website buttons. (At least I hope so). I’m currently working on a Corporate Style Guide for Allied Telesis. I’m collaborating with another designer to improve all visual marketing. The current guide has over 50 pages. The gamut of styles range from; Logo treatment to…

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What is Parallax Web Design?

You just witnessed Parallax as you scrolled down this post. Parallax Scrolling is a fairly new website design trend. I’ve heard people use the word parallax interchangeably with animate. They both involve moving objects, but the difference is elements moving at seemingly different rates. The website background moves at a different rate to the other…

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Green Marketing: is your business eco-friendly?

Are you in marketing? Do you care about our planet? If yes, then I imagine that you thought about Green Marketing. I’ve seen a lot of companies jump on the green bandwagon. Being green can be a competitive advantage over your competitors in the marketplace. What is green marketing? There isn’t a gold standard here,…

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Geek Speak – 10 Essential Website Tips

Over my years of developing websites, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks. I enjoy posting articles to help you improve your marketing. This month I also prepared this as a checklist for myself as we were developing a new ValleyBugler.com web site. These tips range from a quick change to hiring a developer, but I encourage…

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