I recently had a chance to talk with Eli Hutcheson from Tough Mudder. He is a Senior Product Manager. His product is fun, he gets to design obstacles and events. I thoroughly enjoy chatting with him about the new events and obstacles.

Oops, I jumped the gun. What is the Tough Mudder you ask? The core event is an endurance challenge that is over 10 miles long and has over 20+ obstacles. The obstacles have become iconic. Some the most epic include: Everest a 15+ foot wall that you run up, Arctic Enema is ice bath that full submerses you, Funky Monkey is a combination of monkey bars, rings and a bar over water, and the new Block Ness Monster requires teamwork to move yourself and others throw a water maze, and you can’t forget Electroshock Therapy where you run through wires and get shocked. Yeah, it hurts. The Tough Mudder is marketed as the toughest event on the planet.

I talked with Eli as I was preparing to run my 5th Mudder in Black Diamond, Washington. He was very proud of the new obstacles he and his team created for 2017. You can check them out at https://toughmudder.com/obstacles. I think what he has even more excited about was the new events. I know when I share my experiences people have a polarized response. They are either, “ you got (shocked, iced, muddy, barb wired, etc) and why? There is NO way I would ever do that” OR “that sounds Awesome!, How can I join”. Most people are in the first group.

Lost of Options

I like that Tough Mudder is keeping their flagship event, but now offers less frightening options. This year they introduced the Tough Mudder Half. As the name suggests it is half the length (5 miles) with half the obstacles. It is still fun and muddy minus the frightening obstacles. And if 5 miles is too long for you they will soon have a 5k (3.1 miles) version for you.  The 5k replaces the mud with astroturf.  My kids are excited about these as the minimum required age is 14 years instead of 18 for the Full. These events are part of their challenge series.

On the flip side, they also made more extreme events in their competitive series. The Mudder that we now refer to as the Full has been focused on the-the experience and not on time, but they now offer a timed heat. Not enough for you? Then go after the Toughest Mudder (8 hours) or the World’s Toughest Mudder (24 hours) or check out the new Tough Mudder X. The Mudder X is 1 mile. 10 obstacles. 10 workouts and there is prize money. You can check it out on CBS Sports. If any of this events intrigue you, you owe it to yourself to check out https://toughmudder.com/events/all-event-types

With all of the event options and new obstacles, Eli says, “there is mud out there for everyone!” I personally think they removed every excuse to not get off that couch and go play in the mud.

Mud On.