How does your business marketing compared to the “average business”?

The results are in from our online marketing survey. This is so much fun! Here are some results from 7 questions that we asked clients.

We asked a variety of questions, from how often businesses Edit their Websites, use eMail Marketing & post to their Facebook business page.

We also wanted to know how often they check their web stats to have a pulse on their website.

With the rise of mobile computing, we asked folks to rate the Mobile Friendliness of their websites.

We finished strong with an estimate of how much time they spend marketing.

Ready to jump into the results?

Here we go!

How often do you edit your web site?

Weekly: 21%

Monthly: 16%

Quarterly: 32%

Annually: 11%

Not at All: 21%

I encourage businesses to get into their website and make updates and post a blog entry at least once a month. Only 37% of business are doing that or better.

How often do you use eMail Marketing?

Weekly: 16%

Monthly: 32%

Quarterly: 10%

Annually: 0%

Not at All: 42%

Over half of the polled business are using eMail marketing at least once a quarter. This leaves 42% who aren’t using eMail marketing at all. An area they can definitely improve.

How often do you post to your Facebook Business Page?

Weekly: 64%

Monthly: 16%

Quarterly: 4%

Annually: 4%

Not at All: 12%

Almost everyone is still on Facebook and posting at least once a quarter. The best way to do this is to post on your website that is linked to your Facebook page.

How often do you check your Website analytics?

Weekly: 0%

Monthly: 16%

Quarterly: 16%

Annually: 0%

Not at All: 68%


This one didn’t surprise me, but I definitely want to help change this statistic. Web sites provide a wealth of information that can help you improve your website and in turn bring you more business wealth.

How Mobile Friendly is your web site?

Looks & Works Great: 21%

Works but, needs zooming: 42%

Doesn’t Work Well on Mobile: 37%

Many of my clients are getting 25%-30% of their traffic on mobile sites. Less than a quarter of those polled believe theirs is ready to give them a great experience. If you knew that you were seeing 3 or 4 out of 10 clients from your mobile web site, what would you do to make sure it was friendly?

How many hours do you and your team spend marketing (weekly)?

0-4 hours: 42%

5-15 hours: 37%

16+: 16%

Not Sure: 5%

Nearly 80% of business are spending 15 hours a week or less on marketing. That’s a lot of time!

What is your greatest Marketing Challenge?

Turns out there are a lot of marketing challenges. Here are the 5 most commons things that people need more of: Time, Skills, Exposure, Budget, Message & Clarity.

The Average Business (actually the most common responses) edits their website quarterly, doesn’t use eMail marketing, but posts to Facebook every week.

They never check their stats and have a mobile website that requires scrolling.

Their team spends less than 4 hours a week on marketing and their biggest challenge is not enough time.

We acknowledge there isn’t such thing as an average business, but it shows us what businesses are up to.

Is your business “Average”? I’d love to hear. Do you need some help becoming not so average? My business is dedicated to Marketing and helping generate Results.

We were greatly informed by the results of our marketing survey, and hope that you take some valuable time to generate one of your own. Keep questions short and to the point – and you’ll do great!

Please feel free to comment online or take our marketing survey for yourself. ~:-)