When clients ask what marketing tools do they absolutely have to have, time after time share these 5 must have marketing tools. You might find this interesting, because there is nothing bad or evil about not having these tools. It doesn’t mean a business isn’t credible, reliable, responsible, or other solid adjectives. But, the absence of these tools makes people….wonder about a business…

1) Logo

Your logo sets the tone for your business. The color, imagery & typography give people a feel of what they might expect from your company.
You’ve heard the old adage that people judge a book by its cover. People also judge a business by its logo. It sets the tone for trust. The value of this first impression is epic. Are they getting the feeling that you are working out of your garage or a fancy Bellevue office?
Truth is you can run a great business from either location. But we want to set the right tone and impression.

2) Business Cards

Technology has changed the way we do businesses but, make no mistake, business is still powered by relationships.
When you make an initial face to face impression, you need to have a professional business card ready to provide. Be sure you are stocked and ready to make new connections. As a marketing geek, I also carry digital copies of my card, but there is something tactile, something special about sharing a good old fashioned business card. These cards are triggers for later action.

3) Company eMail

When you hand someone your fancy business card and they see that your eMail is a generic bob-ross-1947@gmail.com or your-company@comcast.net, what does it say about your professionalism?
It says these guys are cheap. Can’t they afford their own domain name?
You, know it isn’t expensive to have bob@somegreatcompany.com as your eMail. It validates your business by having a professional company eMail.

4) Website

Websites are absolutely required for businesses and non-profits. Just having a website implies the notion that you have a modern and relevant business. An effective website does at least 3 critical things for your business…
Develops Trust
Your site should help people feel confident that your company understands the products or services that it offers and has the ability to deliver.
Sparks Interest
Your website should share what makes you special and why someone should choose your company over competitors.
Encourages Action
After you develop both trust and interest from a web viewer, what would you like for them to do?
Whether it is for them to fill out a form, order a product, or make a call, you need a compelling call for action.

Having a website that works well on your computer is no longer enough. Be sure your website is responsive, or mobile friendly. Many businesses

are receiving over half of their traffic on mobile devices. Half.

5) Google Listing

If your business doesn’t exist at Google, chances are it won’t exist much longer.
The phonebook isn’t dead, it’s just now called Google. Make sure you can be found when people are looking for your company and your products/services. Web searchers should be able to find your website and your Google page with reviews and directions.
There are other marketing tools that I recommend as well such as; social media, eMail marketing, printed brochures, website video, etc. I strongly recommend that you take care of these top 5 must have tools before looking at any additional elements.