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Allied Telesis

Project Description

Case Study: CRM Integration & Process Standardization for Allied Telesis

Background: Allied Telesis, a renowned name in the network infrastructure-telecommunications arena, aimed to streamline its operations and bolster its client relationships by integrating and optimizing its CRM systems across multiple technological platforms.

The Challenge: Managing CRM integration across diverse technology systems spanning several continents presented considerable challenges. The project’s complexity was further amplified due to the multifaceted stakeholder relationships and the need to improve product deployment time.

Key Achievements:

  1. CRM Integration & Sales Velocity: Led the intricate task of integrating the CRM across several technology systems globally. This holistic approach to integration was pivotal in increasing the sales velocity by an impressive 20%, facilitating quicker and more efficient sales processes.
  2. Stakeholder Management & Client Satisfaction: In an environment with stakeholders from diverse cultural and technological backgrounds, effective communication and management were paramount. Through tailored strategies, the project achieved heightened client satisfaction by understanding and catering to the unique needs of each stakeholder.
  3. Standardizing Designer Education & Product Deployment: Recognizing the challenges faced by junior designers in product deployment, standardized documentation and processes were introduced. This initiative led to a significant decrease in product deployment time, ensuring quicker go-to-market strategies and smoother operations.

Skills & Tools Leveraged:

  • Figma: Utilized for prototyping, enhancing collaboration among designers, and ensuring design consistency across various platforms.
  • UX Research: Central to understanding the needs, challenges, and pain points of stakeholders, ensuring the CRM integration addressed real-world challenges effectively.
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Deployed for a myriad of tasks, from high-fidelity design prototypes to document creation, enhancing the visual and functional quality of outputs.
  • User Experience Design: A cornerstone of the project, ensuring the CRM systems were not only functionally robust but also user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Web Design: Ensured all platforms and portals associated with the CRM system were responsive, efficient, and aligned with the brand’s ethos.

Conclusion: Allied Telesis’s transformative journey is a testament to the power of harmonizing technology, user experience, and strategic planning. By spearheading the CRM integration and optimizing processes, the project elevated the company’s operational efficiency, client satisfaction, and overall business performance. The combination of top-tier skills and tools ensured that every facet of the project was executed to perfection, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the telecommunications domain.

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Allied Telesis