Website Myth: “Build it and they will come”.

I’m quick to dispel the myth that simply having a website will grow your business. Unlike a billboard, people don’t just drive by your website, and then call or visit your business.

A great website should be at the center of your online marketing plan.
Here are 7 Ways to Promote Your Website & Business:

1) Search Engine Optimization:

Also known as (SEO), a majority of web traffic comes from the search engines. SEO is a process of helping the search engines show your pages when visitors are searching for your product and service. This is done by performing keyword research to see what terms people are actually searching for and then optimizing current content and adding new content.

2) Pay per click (PPC):

Another way to get found in the search engines is to pay up. You set up a budget and pay a fixed price for every click that your ad gets in the search engine. This is a continual process, as you need to tweak your ads to get the best ROI on your investment.

3) Blogging and Guest Blogging:

Blogging can help position yourself or company as a leader in your industry. The articles posted on your website will help improve your traffic.
Additionally, writing for other established blogs in your target markets (guest blogging) can generate additionally targeted traffic. It should go without saying, but make sure your guest blog articles link back to your website!!

4) Recommendation Sites and Niche Directories:

Marketing is about being where your customers are. There are tons of review sites now. Every business should get listed with Google Maps and consider others such as Yelp!, Angie’s List, Trip Advisor,, Local Loop & other directories made for your industry.

5) eMail:

Permission-based eMail marketing is a great way to engage with customers who are interested in what you offer. Find out what interests them or what they value, post it on your site and use eMail to drive them there.

6) Social Media:

Social Media such as FaceBook and Twitter is another way to engage with customers. Make sure your plan is to drive people from your social media to your website and not just to the social sites.

7) YouTube:

Google loves fresh content. Google owns YouTube. Compelling video can help your business get found from within YouTube and increase your search engine rankings.

7) Offline World:

Don’t forget the world on the other side of your monitor. Print advertising, business cards, brochures, signage, vehicle graphics, event marketing, and even your answering machine are all great places to share your website address.

Tip: Avoid Automated Link Exchanges and Link Baiting Systems: No don’t even think about it.

False: Build it and they will come.
True: Market it and they will come.

Measure & Review Results.

Make sure you have a system to measure results. Marketing needs to be measured. What system is the best to use?

Whichever one you actually use!