Christmas is almost here, but what have you got for your favorite geek? They can be tough to shop for because they are geeks. Don’t let this dampen your Christmas spirit. I have a few ideas to help. Ho Ho Ho.

Blast from the past: Check out my 2016 gift guide.

Gadgets first, right? Not necessary. If s/he hasn’t told you about some new tech they just gotta have, they probably already bought it. They are a difficult bunch to buy tech for. Please remember that geeks are not just nerds. They are nerds with style. So try to find gifts that are smart and cool. Some geeky ideas to consider: anything to do with science, legos, robots, math, puzzles (difficult ones), things that levitate, astronomy, magnets, NASA, narwhals, old school video games, optical illusions. comic books and movies, hand sanitizer, led candles, apocalypse/zombie stuff & pranks are just a few ideas. The more you know about your geek, the more difficult it might be to shop for them, but no worries we have the Internet.

The first web site I’d check out is They can help you geek out and they have some nice gift guides. You can shop by Price, Recipient, Category or by Fandom.

Another site to check out is They have a nice geek section. I would be remiss to not mention doing a search for Geek at Amazon. So I won’t.

Use the force.

All things Star Wars are generally a good bet. With Disney now doing releases in December, maybe you could get your geek away from the computer screen and out in a real world for a movie. Ok, I know it is another screen but, there is bound to be some social interaction. The last Jedi surely use some company.

Warning, not all geeks admit to liking both Star Wars and Star Trek. For what I believe to be esoteric reasons some geeks passionately claim that they don’t like one or both of the Stars. You will surely now if this is the case. If it is true, then I encourage you to get them something that they claim to hate as I’m sure they really love it.

And if all else fails, caffeine and or bacon always shows that you care.

Be good to your geeks because remember the good book says, “the geek will inherit the earth”. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. One more thing, geeks like gifts all year round, not just during Christmas time