A great way to grow your business is to build trust and develop awesome customer/client relationships. Relationships take regular contact. I see Marketing as what you do when you can’t physically meet with a client or prospect. Small businesses can leverage the power of eMail to make more personalized contact with more interested people than they could with old school marketing.

eMail Marketing is…

  1. Inexpensive: Whether you select a DIY service or hire a marketing company, you can deliver 1,000s of target messages for a fraction of the cost of postage.
  2. Cost effective: With the low cost of entry and the ability to track results, businesses can continue to fine-tune their offerings to a targeted audience. The end results can be powerful. For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on eMail marketing investment. (Experian)
  3. Trackable: eMail analytics are awesome.  You can see click rates, open rates, bounces, subscribers, unsubscribers, social media sharing, and activity on-site. You can view all of this and more.
  4. Personalizable: Based on the actions of your readers you can personalize their content to what most interests them. Until Facebook gives you the keys to Edgerank (don’t hold your breath) you don’t have control on what your people actually see.
  5. Mobile: Properly formatted messages are mobile friendly, tablet and desktop friendly.
  6. Focused: Social media is noisy. A compelling eMail can give readers exactly what they want.
  7. Easy to Receive: Not everyone uses social media. 95% of online consumers have an eMail account. 91% of consumers reported checking their email at least once a day. (ExactTarget)
  8. Relationship Building: your readers are trusting you to deliver messages to their inbox. If you consistently deliver value, people come to expect your messages.
  9. Feedback Friendly: I receive feedback from nearly every eMail campaign I send.
  10. Plays Well With Others: This isn’t a discussion about Social vs. eMail. eMail, Social Media & Websites should be used together for the most effective digital marketing.There are many more reasons to use eMail marketing to grow your business. I’ve yet to meet with a business that wouldn’t benefit from eMail marketing.

I write GeekSpeak to help motivated small businesses get the most out of their online marketing – I’m here to help. ~:-)

Speak with the Geek!

If you run a business and want to generate additional clients—or connect more powerfully with the customers you have, I offer a 30 minute Free Initial Phone Consultation for eMail marketing to identify needs, opportunities and present a clear plan of action to succeed.

I will also share with you a report “eMail Marketing Best Practices.”
A good read and valuable tool to have before starting a campaign.