I’m Oscar Myre IV, a digital designer working remotely from Seattle, Washington.  I’m currently a UX/UI Designer at World Vision US.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the Oscar Mayer?

No, I’m not the hot dog 🌭 guy nor is my family.  Our name is spelled differently but, pronounced the same.  I’m Oscar Myre IV.  We now have 5 generations of Oscar’s in our family.  I believe the hot dog family only had one.

What color is your hair today?

At the type of this typing my hair is brown with white tips.  No promise or idea of what it might be today, but thanks for asking.

Are you available for projects?

I’m not currently taking on any freelance work — but I’m always down to chat. I promise I’ll respond, and I’m always up for answering questions about design!

What do you use to spike your hair?

When I first started wearing my hair up, I used knox orange gelatin and egg whites.  Today I use Elmer’s school glue.   Not joking. ~:-)