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Hey there, I’m Oscar! 👋🏼

Helping Your Brand Make Great Products.

Welcome to my digital playground.

This is where data meets design, and user needs are transformed into seamless and engaging digital product experiences.

Design Research

Uncover user needs and behaviors to inform design decisions.

Product Design

Create intuitive and visually appealing user experiences.


Map product direction by merging user insights with business goals.

You Ask What Services Do I Offer?


Through design research, I gain insights into user needs and behaviors, which inform my product design approach. Merging this with strategic planning ensures I craft user-centric digital experiences that are both intuitive and visually compelling.

Design Research
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People are Talking...

Ruth Mwangi
Product Manager, MBA

Oscar excels in crafting user experience solutions grounded in data and industry best practices. He drives enhanced results for Clients through the impactful designs he creates and also by consistently delivering assignments within the specified timeframes. I enjoy collaborating...

Russ Shumaker
Product and Segment Marketing

Oscar was instrumental in designing and launching a new website for two strategic market segments worth over $150M in annual revenue. His passion for delivering a great UX is evident in every conversation, to the extent that he helped us see the need to expand....

Izabel Jo
Human-Centered Designer & Researcher

This silly wise man is an absolute joy to solve problems with. His deep care for serving the needs of others is relentless, and his delivery of such is earnest and patience; he is dedicated to the success of people...

Adam Root
Product Management Executive

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many UX professionals, and I can confidently say Oscar is in the top quartile of high performers.

I worked with Oscar on several projects while consulting through ....

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