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Digital Transformation of the Bounce Back Program

Project Description

  • Role: UX Designer and User Researcher
  • Objective: Enhance sponsor engagement and retention by transitioning the program to a digital format.
  1. Challenge and Solution
    • Challenge: Low participation in the existing Direct Mail (DM) program.
    • Solution: A digital bounce back initiative, transforming the physical card into an email format, encouraging donors to send donations for storybooks to their sponsored children.
  2. User Research
    • Conducted moderated interviews to understand why participation was low.
    • Identified key pain points: inconvenience of mail and lack of program understanding.
  3. Design and Implementation
    • Applied insights from user research to design a user-friendly digital platform.
    • Developed an engaging landing page, email templates, and a digital storybook format.
  4. Outcomes
    • Achieved the highest conversion rate for storybook requests.
    • Success attributed to user-centered design and effective digital transition.
  5. Reflections
    • Insights from actual users were crucial in delivering an enhanced sponsor experience.

Project Name

Easter Storybook Bounce Back

What we did

Digital version of printed invite