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In Every Step: Crafting the Run Your Race Brand from the Runner’s Perspective

Project Description

Project Description

Run Your Race embodies the spirit and challenges of its audience—runners. This project represents a fusion of my love for running with a commitment to user-centered design and research. I aimed to create a brand that resonates with the dedication and passion of runners, offering them a product that celebrates their achievements and supports their goals.

Logo and Brand Identity

I designed the logo to symbolize movement and perseverance, capturing the dynamic essence of running. The flowing lines represent both the physical paths and the personal journeys that each runner undertakes.

Product Design and Customization

Utilizing insights from our “Runner’s Voice” surveys and interviews (, I developed customized race jerseys that cater to the specific needs and races of our users. This approach ensures that our products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and personalized.

User Research

My approach to user research involved deep engagement with the running community through surveys and personalized interviews. This method highlighted the need for race-specific apparel, guiding the tailored design of our product offerings.

Ecommerce Development

I built an ecommerce platform that mirrors the resilience and reliability of its users. With race-specific recommendations and an intuitive shopping experience, it enhances the runner’s journey, making every interaction simple and effective.

Celebration of Achievement

At the core of Run Your Race is the celebration of every runner’s finish line moment. By sharing inspiring stories of achievement (, I foster a community of encouragement and recognition, making each runner’s success a collective celebration.


Run Your Race is more than just a brand; it’s a community that thrives on the celebration of every step in a runner’s journey. I am proud to have crafted an experience that not only meets the functional needs of runners but also connects emotionally with their passion for running, supporting them from their training days to their race day triumphs.

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Run Your Race

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Branding, Product Design, User Research, Ecommerce Development


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