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Designing a Grant Foundation Resource Hub – “Evidence”

Project Description

Overview: I undertook the challenge of reviving an existing project within World Vision aimed at designing a web experience tailored to a unique persona – foundations that fund grants. The primary goal was to create a user-friendly platform, named “Evidence,” that provided quick access to essential white papers and technical documents, enabling World Vision to effectively showcase its work across various sectors.

Project Background: This project had been initiated over four years ago but had faced significant hurdles related to content creation, preventing its progress. My task was to breathe new life into it and deliver a comprehensive web solution promptly. To expedite the process, I leveraged an existing project’s base site while meticulously refining the design.

Key Objectives:

  1. Resource Hub Development: At the heart of this project lay the creation of a robust resource hub named “Evidence.” This hub would serve as the central repository for white papers, technical documents, and other crucial resources.
  2. Sector Showcasing: The website needed to effectively showcase World Vision’s work across various sectors, including Child Protection, Disaster Relief, Education, Faith and Development, Food Security and Livelihoods, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Health, and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.


  • The project had a lengthy history with stalled progress due to content creation issues.
  • The need for a quick turnaround while ensuring high-quality UX and information accessibility.
  • Balancing design innovation with the utilization of an existing site structure.

My Role and Contributions:

  • As the UX designer, I played a pivotal role in redefining the project’s vision and direction.
  • I conducted extensive user research to understand the unique needs and preferences of foundation grantors.
  • Collaborated closely with content creators and stakeholders to streamline content production and prioritize the most critical documents.
  • Designed an intuitive navigation system within “Evidence” that ensured seamless access to resources and showcased World Vision’s work across sectors.
  • Leveraged the structure of an earlier project’s site to expedite development while introducing enhancements that enhanced the user experience.

Outcome: The redesigned Grant Foundation Resource Hub, “Evidence,” now serves as a dynamic platform that empowers foundations to easily access critical documents. The site effectively highlights World Vision’s impactful work across various sectors, promoting transparency and trust among grantors. This project exemplifies my ability to tackle complex challenges, optimize existing resources, and deliver a user-centered design solution within tight timelines.

Project Name

World Vision Evidence

What we did

Microsite for Foundations