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The Chosen Hub for pastors to demonstrate church impact and deliver resources.

Project Description

Introduction: As the lead Product Designer for what was initially titled the “Pastor’s Chosen Journey,” I embarked on a mission to address a creative problem: How could we create enduring partnerships with churches through an automated journey for pastors, fostering year-over-year engagement with World Vision? This retention journey needed to demonstrate the impact of their church’s involvement, invite pastors to participate in future ministry programs, and provide discipleship and care resources to deepen their relationship with us.

Challenges: The challenges were multifaceted, including the need to:

  1. Foster Lasting Relationships: Create a system that would cultivate long-lasting relationships between pastors and World Vision.
  2. Demonstrate Impact: Develop a mechanism to showcase the tangible impact of the church’s involvement with World Vision.
  3. Engage Pastors: Encourage pastors to participate in future ministry programs while offering valuable discipleship and care resources.

Design Process: My journey as the lead Product Designer began with a collaborative design thinking workshop, where we brainstormed and created a mock-up of a potential solution. I then took the lead in designing and building a prototype of the “Chosen Hub.” This prototype served as the foundation for our subsequent testing phase.

User Testing and Iteration: During the testing phase, we conducted moderated interviews with pastors over Zoom, gathering invaluable feedback. I meticulously compiled this feedback, synthesizing it to inform the necessary updates and improvements to the Chosen Hub.

Validation and MVP Development: With insights from user testing in hand, we proceeded to validate the project and develop a minimum viable product (MVP). We utilized live data from 70 churches to create a robust and functional version of the Chosen Hub.

Launch and Post-launch Evaluation: Upon the official launch of the Chosen Hub, we continued to maintain a strong user-centric focus. We proactively surveyed pastors to collect feedback and insights, paving the way for future iterations and enhancements of the platform.


  • Designed and developed the Chosen Hub to address the creative problem.
  • Conducted user testing with pastors to gather crucial feedback.
  • Synthesized user insights to inform iterative design improvements.
  • Validated the project and launched an MVP for 70 churches.
  • Continuously surveyed pastors post-launch for ongoing enhancements.

Conclusion: The “Chosen Hub” project exemplifies my ability to lead product design initiatives that tackle complex challenges, engage stakeholders through design thinking, and create solutions that bridge the gap between user needs and organizational goals. By fostering lasting relationships, demonstrating impact, and providing valuable resources, the Chosen Hub has significantly contributed to the success of World Vision’s engagement with churches.

This project demonstrates my role as both a lead UX designer and a lead UX researcher, showcasing my proficiency in designing and validating user-centric solutions that drive business objectives.

Project Name

Chosen Hub

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A post Chosen experiences for Pastors