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Global Impact Map – A Journey of Impact Visualization

Project Description

Project Overview: As the Lead Researcher and Prototype Developer for the Global Impact Map project at World Vision, my role was pivotal in creating an engaging and informative experience for donors. The Global Impact Map aimed to provide donors with visual motivation to explore and understand the breadth of World Vision’s programming solutions across major sectors, both globally and at a country level. Our primary goal was to help donors comprehend how their contributions were leading to lasting change and making a positive impact over time. Through extensive research and interactive prototype development, we successfully achieved these objectives.

Project Objectives:

  1. To create a user-friendly and visually appealing platform that allows donors to explore World Vision’s program solutions across different sectors.
  2. To help donors understand the impact of their contributions by showcasing how lasting change occurs over time.
  3. To ensure that users not only learn about the need for support but also gain insights into the impact of World Vision’s work.

My Role: As the Lead Researcher and Prototype Developer, I played a central role in the project’s success. Working closely with the design manager, I ensured that our research efforts were consistently two cycles ahead of the development process. This alignment between research and development was crucial to creating an effective and user-centric solution. My responsibilities included:

  1. Conducting thorough user research to understand donor motivations and information needs.
  2. Creating interactive prototypes for unmoderated testing and stakeholder demonstrations.
  3. Collaborating with the design team to translate research findings into user-friendly interface designs.
  4. Developing an interactive map that allowed users to explore the impact of World Vision’s programs by location and sector.

Key Achievements:

  1. Informed Decision-Making: Our research efforts provided valuable insights into donor behavior and preferences, enabling data-driven decisions throughout the project.
  2. User-Centric Design: By keeping our research ahead of development, we ensured that the design was consistently aligned with user needs and expectations.
  3. Interactive Prototype: The interactive prototype we developed served as a powerful tool for unmoderated user testing, enabling us to refine the user experience iteratively.
  4. Impactful Visualization: The interactive map we created allowed users to visualize the impact of their donations in a compelling and informative way, enhancing their understanding of World Vision’s work.

Project Impact: The Global Impact Map has had a significant positive impact on World Vision’s donor engagement efforts. Donors now have a user-friendly platform to explore the organization’s work, understand the need for support, and witness the lasting change their contributions are making. This project has not only improved donor relations but has also increased overall support for World Vision’s programs.

By combining research-driven insights with interactive prototype development, we have successfully created a tool that bridges the gap between donors and the impactful work of World Vision. The Global Impact Map continues to serve as a crucial component of World Vision’s fundraising efforts, inspiring donors to contribute to positive change worldwide.

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Global Impact Map

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