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Project Description

Allied Telesis, a distinguished player in the network infrastructure-telecommunications industry, embarked on a mission to optimize operations and enhance client relationships by integrating their CRM systems across diverse technological platforms. My role as a UX & Visual Designer at Allied Telesis was instrumental in achieving these objectives.

Key Achievements:

CRM Integration and Sales Acceleration:

  • Collaborated closely with the stateside sales team for the Allied brand and multiple startup ventures, as well as the New Zealand-based development team.
  • Led the complex CRM integration efforts across multiple technology systems spanning several continents.
  • The integration initiative resulted in a remarkable increase in sales velocity, approximately by 20%, by streamlining client interactions and improving data accessibility.

Efficiency Enhancement:

  • Significantly reduced product deployment time by standardizing documentation and processes for junior designers.
  • This standardization not only expedited the onboarding of new designers but also improved overall design consistency, ensuring a unified and polished brand image.

Web Design and Navigation:

  • Designed responsive Bootstrap web layouts and navigation structures, ensuring an optimal user experience across various devices and screen sizes.
  • These designs were instrumental in providing a seamless online experience for clients, partners, and internal stakeholders.

Content Creation and Branding:

  • Crafted visually engaging Drupal blog templates and landing pages to enhance content marketing efforts.
  • Designed brochures, advertisements, and trade show graphics that effectively communicated the brand’s value proposition, contributing to successful marketing campaigns.

Global Collaboration:

  • Collaborated effectively with both local and international stakeholders and team members, bridging geographical and cultural gaps to deliver cohesive design solutions.
  • Worked from the Seattle office of this Japanese-owned company, bringing a diverse perspective to the design process.

In summary, my tenure at Allied Telesis was marked by a successful partnership with a dynamic, global team to integrate CRM systems, drive sales growth, streamline design processes, and create compelling digital and print assets. These accomplishments not only strengthened Allied Telesis’ market presence but also enhanced client satisfaction and operational efficiency.  [showday] 🙂

What we did

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Allied Telesis