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Project Description

E-commerce Re-design for a Leading Digital Device Accessory Manufacturer

Background: A prominent U.S.-based digital device accessory manufacturer, selling products directly to businesses and consumers, faced challenges with its e-commerce platform. Their sales channel included both online e-commerce and traditional distributors.

The Challenge: The company sought to optimize its e-commerce platform, address issues like high cart abandonment rates, improve user experience, and bolster revenue.

Key Achievements:

  1. Revamped Checkout Experience: The online checkout process was overhauled, which resulted in a significant 33% reduction in cart abandonment.
  2. Revenue & Transactions Boost: The redesign led to an 18% growth in e-commerce revenue in under a year. Simultaneously, overall transactions saw an uplift of 15%, indicating enhanced user trust and a streamlined purchase path.
  3. Order Value & User Retention: The average order value jumped by 3.6%, indicating users found more value or more products fitting their needs. Moreover, a 5.8% drop in the bounce rate highlighted the site’s increased stickiness and user engagement.
  4. Standardization & Support: The user interface was standardized, and processes for the UX team were formalized. This strategic move substantially cut down help desk support tickets, signifying a more intuitive user experience.
  5. Stakeholder Management & Communication: Spearheaded cross-channel communications and successfully managed relationships with partner distributors, ensuring cohesive branding and user experience across channels.
  6. Agile Development & Support Systems: Introduced agile development processes tailored for quality assurance, support, warranty, and ticketing. This facilitated quicker iteration, improved product quality, and enhanced customer support.
  7. Executive Partnership: Collaborated closely with senior-level executives to align the redesign with broader business objectives and ensure the project’s success.

Techniques & Skills Leveraged:

  • User Testing & Research: To understand pain points and refine the user journey.
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Utilized for high-fidelity prototypes and final designs.
  • User Experience Design: Central to crafting an intuitive and engaging platform.
  • Web Design: Ensured the site was responsive, attractive, and easy-to-navigate.
  • Marketing: Strategies implemented to target and attract the right user demographics.

Conclusion: This e-commerce redesign journey was a holistic approach that merged user-centered design, stakeholder management, and business strategy. By understanding and aligning with user needs, while also catering to business goals, the redesign led to substantial gains in user retention, order value, and overall revenue. The project stands as a testament to the power of effective UX design combined with strategic thinking.

Project Name

Ecommerce Re-design

What we did

Design Research, Product Design & Strategy.


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